4 Simple Ways to Change your Car to Make it More Satisfying to be In

Our cars are often a major part of our day-to-day lives. For many, though, sitting in the car is a monotonous and dull experience. If you feel like time spent in your car is not time well-spent, you should try out some of the following tips. When used correctly, these tips can turn your car into a far more fun place to be as opposed to the dour presence it is today.

Adjust the position of your seats

Most of us just hop into our car and never really adjust the seating position. However, changing the angle and the position of your passenger and driver seats can go a long way to making life more comfortable in general.

You might find that things you dislike about your car, such as your knee position or how far you need to stretch to get to the steering wheel, can be resolved with this adjustment.

Commit to a regular cleaning session

You can also find that part of what makes your car an unhappy place to be is the condition. If your car is messy and has things like old cans of soda, fast food wrappings, etc. rolling around then it needs a clean.

Commit to a weekly or bi-weekly clean where all of these things are picked up and removed as soon as possible. This keeps your car cleaner, avoids stains, and makes it look more spacious.

Get a natural air freshener

Most of us use synthetic air fresheners in our cars. While useful, most of these are artificial air fresheners that cause you more harm than good. They are littered with phthalates, and they are usually created in synthetic conditions.

Instead, you can make a car diffuser using a series of natural essential oils that you like the smell of. A bit of water, witch hazel, and essential oil in a bottle can produce the same benefits as using one of these synthetic and often unsuitable air fresheners.

Add in some positive memories

Lastly, try and add some little extras to your car that remind you of good times. These could be postcards from places that you visited or little souvenirs such as bobbleheads and other toys that you buy when traveling. Even some little photos attached to areas of your car that will not interfere with your concentration can make your car just seem a bit more, well, yours!