Are License Plates Becoming a Thing of the Past Soon?

While we all get used to telling cars from their make, model, and color, one of the only unique identifiers for a car will be the license plate. License plates are a vital part of vehicle identification and registration. However, thanks to work being done at Reviver Auto by Neville Boston, the CEO, license plates could conceivably become a thing of the past!

The aim is to make it easier for vehicle owners to get their motor registered. This will be designed to help ensure that automatic electronic registration can take place. The new idea, the digital license plate known as the RPlate Pro, could be a game-changer for the entire industry.

The hope is that in the years to come we can do away with license plates entirely. This digital license plate is currently available for ownership in California. By using e-ink technology, this is akin to what an Amazon Kindle device provides. This would see the registration date and the license plate numbers appear in black and white on the vehicle.

Drivers who have an RPlate Pro can then simply use RConnect, the associated app, to renew their license and pay the DMV accordingly. This would remove the need for time-consuming sticker arrivals via post, and would ensure that drivers no longer have to go and see the DMV in person. This would speed up registration times, ensuring that drivers can get moving ASAP.

Connected to the battery, this device uses no meaningful power from the device. It will always be visible to display, and it will provide users with an SMS update if anyone takes the RPlate off the vehicle without permission. It would then display the simple term STOLEN so that thieves cannot take this plate.

The chance to support good causes

License plates are like shoes – it is one of the first things we look at in a car. Therefore, being able to use our license plates to raise awareness for good causes – whilst still providing their key purpose – could be very useful. With that in mind, then, the RPlate Pro has been designed to allow for easy visibility of things like charities and awareness campaigns.

Special plates can be made up for any occasion and could be used to allow states to earn more money from the awareness process. It could even be used for things like spreading Amber Alert weather warnings, or roadworks being up ahead. Not only will this make registering a car easier, but it could make driving a simpler and safer experience for all.

License plates have had their time, but the RPlate Pro could soon take over their standard duty whilst adding even more features to the table.