Funny Photos of Dogs That Are Not Aware How Big They Are

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Maybe you lucked out this Christmas season and got a new puppy as a present. For dog lovers, there could be no greater bliss than playing with a cute pup and watching it grow bigger and bigger thanks to your care. Many of us have fond childhood memories of Clifford the Big Red Dog, but did you realize the character was inspired by a genuine story? His size may have been ever so slightly exaggerated, but there are many surprisingly huge dog breeds out there. 
These behemoths frequently become indispensable members of the families they’re adopted by as they give you more reasons to be happy and feel loved. Though they may seem imposing, these big beasts are so loving and adorable that they don’t even seem to realize how massive they are. Take a look at these incredibly gentle giants as they figure out how they fit in the world. Truth can be stranger than fiction.