Claw Machine Prizes Now Include Soap, Hand Sanitizer, and Toilet Paper

An enterprising owner of an amusement arcade in England looks set to cash in on fears around coronavirus by taking advantage of shortages in essential items. 


The business owner has now stocked the claw machines at his arcade with a generous supply of the most sought-after sanitary products.

When Rob Braddick recently took a trip to stock up on some household essentials and noticed that toilet paper, soap and hand sanitizer was al in short supply. 

After that, he returned to his business at Ho Barts Amusement Arcade in Devon To swap out the toys in the claw machine for large amounts of the in-demand items. The main prize is a large bottle of Curex soap which replaced the Spider-Man doll in the top slot!

It's All About Seizing the Moment

He admits that it is pretty hard to win on the claw machine but it is possible. Several people have been seen trying their luck but so far there have been no winners.


 Braddick thinks that as people become more desperate he is likely to see a lot more players on his claw machines. In the Arcade itself staff are expected to follow a strict hand hygiene regime to try to stop the spread of Covid-19 and are expected to wash their hands every 30 minutes.