What’s It Like to Be In A Couple With A 29-Year Age Gap?

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In modern times, most couples are pretty close in age. Surveys show that in Western nations, only about 8% of marriages have a large age gap of ten years and up. When it happens, it's almost always older husband-younger wife. Surprise, surprise!

Accused of Daddy Issues

A shocking pair that doesn't care: One American couple with a 29-year age gap admits they are constantly mistaken for father and daughter. The disapproving looks from strangers don't matter to them, though. In fact, they say they are happier than ever!

Meet 23-year-old Kayla Caudill, a model and receptionist from Macon, Georgia. She found her her partner, 51-year-old Stephen Dunn, when she was getting her belly button pierced at the shop where he worked. Sparks flew, and their journey began!

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