Did You Know You Can Buy a Flying Car Without a License?

The world of technology and science sure finds some astounding ways to surprise us. One of the best examples of this comes in the form of a flying car. Flying cars sound as futuristic as they come, but we have been moving ever closer to such tech becoming a reality for a few years now. And now we are at the stage where you can actually buy a flying car. And even stranger? You don’t need a license to fly the thing!

Photo: Mehdi MeSSrro/Unsplash

Now, we know what you are thinking – look how worrying the average driver is when on the roads. Then, pair that up with how terrible most drone pilots appear to be. We’re sure that seeing someone belt through the air at top speed is going to be totally fine and not a completely terrifying experience for those below…

This new flying car, the Jetson One, has been brought down to a tiny weight of just 190lbs making it an ‘ultralight aircraft’ as opposed to anything else. This is why you need no license to use this; an ultralight aircraft does not require a license of any kind to fly. This means that it will have a very low barrier for someone to be able to get access to the cockpit/driver's seat and start tearing through the skies.

Photo: evtol.news

Now, thankfully, they cost about $90,000 to buy. You need to put down a deposit of just $22,000 and then pay a whopping $70,000 outstanding balance. Given the price of some cars on the road, though, that isn’t too bad. Given the current financial climate, though, we might assume most will put that kind of money into buying a house or something similar.

Flying cars are a ridiculous concept that is here to stay

Do you know the old Jurassic Park quote from Dr. Ian Malcolm? The one about spending so much wondering if they could, that they didn’t stop to wonder whether they should? Yeah, that.

We are looking at a new age of technology, and things like flying cars were always going to be on the agenda. However, this definitely feels like a tech project that sounds a lot better than it actually will be. The concept of a flying car? Amazing. The reality, given we know how people tend to drive on the roads? That’s a lot more worrisome!