Enjoy an Example of Regal Living With These Castle Hotels

Staying in a hotel is, for most of us, a luxurious experience. Being able to break away from house tasks and other day-to-day necessities feels great. Staying in a castle, though? That sounds like a level of luxury few of us will ever get to enjoy. Thanks to the growing prevalence of castle hotels, though, you could enjoy a bit of the royal experience by choosing from the following.

Photo: Andreas Weilguny/Unsplash

Neemrana Fort Palace, India

Take a trip to Rajasthan, and you could enjoy an afternoon in this amazing fort palace. These gorgeous Indian fortresses are something that has to be seen to be believed. A 15th Century castle that is built into a hillside, this building is something that will take your breath away when seen in person.

14 levels exist in the structure, and while it could be easy to get lost the staff present will happily guide you around.

Amberley Castle, England

Of course, what castle list would be complete without a trip to Old Blighty itself? Head to Sussex and stay at Amberley Castle for the vintage castle hotel experience. This stunning castle has stood since 683, with an old manor house, and has gradually become the home of one of the most opulent and grandiose castles in the United Kingdom.

Indeed, it is the ideal place to stay if you want that classic English countryside hospitality experience.

Photo: Manuel Torres Garcia/Unsplash

Parador De Cardona, Catalonia

If you fancy a Spanish experience, then come to this part of Catalonia and see it for yourself. This is quite different from other Spanish castle buildings and has stood since the ninth century. It sits above an old-school medieval town, making a trip here, even more, satisfying from an exploratory and architectural standpoint.

A wonderful place to stay, and also home to some amazing Catalonian cooking that you will simply need to try out.

Schloss Sommersdorf, Germany

This gorgeous castle sits on Castle Road in Saxony-Anhalt and is a tremendous place to stay for an evening or two. It is a 14th Century battlement fortress, and today remains surrounded by the vintage moat that you would expect around such a fort.

The castle managed to survive the infamous Thirty Years War despite local plundering, and the interior today is one of opulence and grandeur. Spacious rooms with gorgeous views from the castle itself.