Where Should you Consider Going for a Winter Backpacking Trip?

Whilst most people leave their backpacking journeys to the long days and warm nights of summer, some of us prefer the opposite. If you want to set off and enjoy an adventure in the winter, a backpacking trip can be a fun way to do just that. With so many places to think about and consider visiting, though, where should one begin their planning?

You have numerous places to consider. Here are just two major recommendations for places to begin your journey we think you would be able to enjoy.

Photo: Arūnas Naujokas/Unsplash

Take a trip through The Rockies

If you are physically fit and capable, going through The Rockies during the winter can be incredible fun. The pathways that one can travel are unique and can lead to some pretty awesome adventures.

One thing to note about The Rockies, though, is that the weather can turn with a click of the finger. It is best to come prepared with a selection of clothing that you can turn to when needed. It might mean having to bring a duffle bag of clothing alone, but trust us that it will be worth your time to do so.

The Rockies are a special experience and you have many places where you can stop for a spot of camping. If you are looking for a truly enjoyable winter backpacking trip, though, The Rockies make a fine place to begin your journey.

Photo: Simon Berger/Unsplash

Enjoy the scenic Northeast

Northeastern American is perhaps home to some of the most splendid views that you will see anywhere in the country. There are many great trails to go on during the summer, often bringing you to small resorts, camping spots, and villages where you can spend an evening chatting with the locals.

The Northeast is a snowy part of the world, though, so make sure that you come with the right blend of snow-protective gear. You do not want to get caught out in this part of the US without the right kind of clothing and equipment!

Overall, though, both of these areas make the finest places to begin a little trip through the snow. Do not reject the idea of backpacking just because it is cold. Often, the sights and the experiences you can enjoy during the winter can be even more impressive than a summertime backpacking trip!