Think the Post Office is a Boring Job? Look at These Legends Who Managed Our Mail

When we think about the various jobs that we can do today, few sound more mundane than working in the postal office. Despite being an essential job in the modern world, many people who work within the industry find it dour and dull. They often ask: who would want to do this outside of those already here?

Photo: Bundo Kim/Unsplash

Well, as history shows, quite a few famous people enjoyed working in the post office. Don’t believe us? Here are three such examples of former postal workers who went on to achieve major success in life.

Benjamin Franklin

At the age of 12, Benjamin Franklin himself worked within the postal service. Yes, that’s right – at age twelve. He was an apprentice in the post office store and eventually worked his way up to become the Postmaster of Philadelphia.

At the same time, he also became the co-founder of the American Philosophical Society. He had quite a busy life, as you might already know, but working in the post office was a key foundational aspect of his character. Much like other people who went on to achieve great things, such humble beginnings helped prepare Franklin for future challenges.

Abraham Lincoln

The former President of the United States worked within the postal service when he was younger. Lincoln worked at a postal office in New Salem, a tiny town of a maximum of fifty people. His role included personally bringing mail to the bank, the hotel, and the homes of the locals. Eventually, he became the Postmaster of the town.

He also went on to have a few more achievements, though it is pretty clear that, like others, such a beginning played a role in turning Lincoln into the man he became.

So, as you can see, working in the post office appears to be a pretty good job. The minute-to-minute work might seem dull, but who knows? You could be working nightshifts with the future President! 

Photo: Chris Blonk/Unsplash

Walt Disney

And saving the best until last – did you know that Walt Disney himself worked within the postal service?

Indeed, he worked within the postal office when he was younger. Despite being rejected for the role at 16 years of age, a little disguise helped him to blend in and get a job pretending to be an older fellow. While Disney did not last long in his employment, he eventually found time to start up a little entertainment company called Disney. We’re not sure if you have heard of them.