Unique & Funny Wedding Gowns

When love is in the air, weddings are a part of the scenery. And on the big day, one thing stands out more than anything else: The dress, obviously! Traditionally white and elegant, the typical bride strives for class and taste. But there's always an exception to the rule, and these gowns are worth a look in their own right!

With quirky brides taking design to the next level, some creations teeter on the absurd. Are modern girls just out of touch with wedding dress basics? These days, some would argue yes. Regardless, these dresses are entertaining to look at!

Read on to decide if these bold brides said 'Yes to the Dress' in sound mind, and totally sober!

Cupcake Cutie

Dinner is finished, and it's time for dessert: A big, beautiful wedding cake is usually the main attraction at the reception. Typically layered as a tower, vanilla has been the most common flavor for decades. But even with chocolate trends picking up, some couples want to stand out. Why not stand in?

Delicious, nutritious, behold the new missus! Rows and rows of cupcakes make this dress interactive. But there won't be any wardrobe malfunctions, today: As guests come and take a piece, hidden lace is revealed. Thankfully, there was a bit of planning for stage two!

Brides of a Feather

When it comes to peacocks, mother nature made the boys prettier than the girls. The peahens hide in the nest, while the male of the species gets to strut around. They love the attention, most of the time. But today, the most decadent bird of all has been beat. And possibly, plucked!

It's sad so many peacocks are naked, but this dress sure stands out from the flock. There's only so much a designer can do with white: Swans out there beware, this may be the start of a trend!

American Woman

A famous revolutionary soldier once said: “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” Today, this bride only regrets she has one flag to wear at her wedding! A patriot always wears red, white, and blue. Why not on the big day, too?

The American flag actually has a lot of rules and traditions around its use. In its normal form, it should never touch the ground. The flag is not supposed to get dirty, or tear. But today, all bets are off: It's a dress now, and the wedding DJ is about to begin!

That Veil Though

Most of the time, wedding observers whisper about the gown design. But at this event, there is a lot more to be said about the headpiece. What's going on with that style, bride? Guests are starting to gossip about a bad hair day!

First, there is an internal hat. Looking closely, hidden among the layers, it peeks out. Is this a winter wedding? Nobody else seems dressed for a freeze. But more disturbingly, there is a very strange mermaid design at the bottom. How will she dance the night away? It's a miracle she can see or walk!

Honey No No

Big "Mama" June brought trashy to a whole new level with this one-of-a-kind design. Perhaps she was short on cash back in the day, but garbage bags are no way to communicate elegance as a TV star! 

The world was watching, but she chose these ruffles out of the bunch. Willingly, even! Creative, but totally lacking contemporary style, this is the perfect Mama June dress. And the contrast: Little Honey Boo Boo has chosen a far more pleasing color scheme, in pink and orange. Photo, redeemed!

Super Blushing Bride

Even if it's just for one day, most ladies choose something modest for the big ceremony. Historically, gowns had a lot more coverage than the popular styles of now. But here, things are quickly becoming an actual mystery: Who is this woman, under all those layers?

According to some traditions, a man cannot see his bride before the contract is signed. Sounds like a risky investment, but millions do it! With a veil like this, surprises could easily happen. Will this couple find true love, forever? Only time will tell, after the big reveal!

Pretty in Pink

Glitzy, glam, gorgeous. That's what Barbie would have said if she were a real-life stylist. She's not, though! This actual woman clearly took some inspiration from Mattel, but it's hard to say that it's serious enough for the occasion. Marriage isn't all fun and games, even in a dream house!

Real-life dollface is getting married, but tradition says the groom cannot see the bride's dress before the wedding. What will he think about this? Ruffles, crowns, and shoes are just the beginning, followed by a sparkly collar and fingerless gloves. A bit matchy-matchy, to say the least!

Clean And Mean

Once upon a time, society didn't have running water. In those days, people would bathe only on special occasions. Weddings were definitely one of them, but what is going on here?

A closer look reveals hard, plastic imitation suds. They're unpoppable! So what's the deal? Is this bride trying to express how bubbly her personality is? Maybe it's a statement piece! Whatever the case may be, no one seems to have told her how transparent it is. Now that's a faux pas if nothing else.

Runway, Run Away

Believe it or not, shotgun weddings used to be legal. In old-timey terms: You broke it, you bought it! This woman seems determined to walk down the aisle, baby in hand. Her eyes say it all: There's no escaping the big day, dad!

Nobody wonders why a bride might want her child to be present at the ceremony. But there are a lot of whispers about a different issue. Birdwatchers are concerned about their favorite feathery friends: How many swans and flamingos were involved in this design? Ouch, they say!

Black Swan

Sooner or later, it will be time to kiss the bride. Today, that is easier said than done! The poof power of this design is intimidating, with a bouquet to match. Mr. Right isn't bolting, so far: How will this smiling groom approach the challenge?

With a bit of grace and a lot of balance, to be sure. But if he falls in the process, there is plenty of cushions ahead! The plan: After he commits, he will lean in for the smooch. Best of luck, as the wedding bells ring!

Flower Girls

For the love of guests, reconsider! At first glance, this photo album memory may be confusing. But it's impossible to miss that these double dresses have one big thing in common, sewn right on the front. Sure, couture is always experiential. But these designs are downright medical!

Sure, body positivity has taken off as a trend. The internet is full of merch to promote the idea, and things often get pretty creative. But why anatomical dresses, and why at a wedding? So many questions, so few answers. But plenty of stares, undoubtedly!

Walking on Air

Today, it's all about the balloons: Big ones, small ones, and itty bitty too! Looking closely at the dress, admirers will see an intricate network of plastic in lime and forest green. It's an original concept, most will admit. But why fix what wasn't broken?

White lace might not be correct for this couple. Clowns out there need love, too! Maybe they are seen as terrifying, most of the time. But there's someone out there for everyone, and the blushing bride today will wear a custom creation. Every balloon animal in attendance is jealous!

Totally Tattered

Dressed in rags, for the big day? That is not a comment any bride wants to hear. But this time, it's unavoidable! With a wedding gown that embraces the idea, the bride must have a trick up her sleeve. But she's sleeveless. What's going on here?

Maybe this future wife is a current recycler. Some people are just that passionate about saving the environment! Activist gals want to make a statement all the time, but especially on the day, everyone is focused on the dress. Goal achieved here, no doubt!

Blue Blood Blooper

Wedding gowns can sometimes be downright dangerous! For a bride, the train of a dress is the trickiest part. And when it comes to royal weddings, this part is not negotiable. There is going to be a long, magical princess gown for the history books, like it or not!

Swept up in a veil, readers can still make out exactly who is hiding under the lace. It's Diana, of course! The man in the red military suit is Prince Charles, by her side. Unlike some crazy styles these days, both look totally timeless!

Lyrical Lovers

At first glance, this appears to be Beyonce and Jay-Z at their secret ceremony from 2008. After all, it was reported that they had an intimate surprise event, with very few guests! Could this really be the lost footage?

Nope, it turns out the policy was clear back then: No phones allowed! Long before celebrities had no social media rules at their events, Bey and Jay were ahead of the curve with a Blackberry ban. Plus, this dress is hideous! There's no way that the stylist selected this wedding-wide theme! Congrats, doppelgangers.

Take Cover

Every gal has had this experience, at some point. It's always sad seeing a trendy item, but realizing it's just not going to fit quite right. Most give up, at that point. But this woman was determined to make every last bit fit. Did she succeed?

Some would say yes since she isn't violating any ordinances. Despite dancing on the edge, she's technically covered! But the spirit of the law and the letter of the law are two different things. And two things are violating the spirit, right here!

She Got Married

With only six months to go, one special wedding day is coming up soon! Former adult star Mia Khalifa has been teasing fans with previews, though nothing's set in stone yet. As she shops around, the choices are probably overwhelming. Every fashionista knows the struggle is real!

Whether she goes with the luxe puffer or not, the most exciting part is the engagement: Mia seems blissful with Swedish chef Robert Sandberg, and it looks mutual! The man she met online has become the love of her life, as she likes to put it. Congratulations, Mia K!

Feline Fantasy

Marry me right meow, she explained. Okay, somebody agreed. It's not clear if he knew this was part of the deal, though! Hello Kitty is a character most girls have enjoyed at some point. But that's usually just a phase!

Again, it's totally forbidden to see the bride in her dress before she walks down the aisle. No one likes to ruin a surprise, and it seems tradition follows that idea. Hopefully, she knows her man well by now: If he is a dog person at all, he's going to have a tough decision!

Bubble Trouble

Ah yes, the bridal booze. Champagne is fancy fun! Everyone knows that drinking is a big part of the wedding. Some even show up just to drink, though they may not admit it outright. Knowing this about guests, one bride has decided to embrace this part very personally. A people pleaser, even today?

Maybe she is, maybe she isn't. There are lots of reasons to choose an interactive design: Perhaps she just wants to make a personal toast, with each and every one of her friends. A cute idea, many would agree!

The Magic Kingdom

Pretty in pink, some will say this dress is trying to compete with a Disney Princess. Belle, Jasmine, Aurora — watch out. There's a new girl in town, and she's getting married before any of you!

Yes, it's vibrant beyond the normal limit. It's be-speckled with crystals in all the wrong places. But a closer look reveals she actually seems happy with her choice! Poof and sparkles just might be her thing, and that's not illegal yet. A whole new world? A trend perhaps?

Fits Like A Medical Glove

For fans of latex, this wedding dress is not such a stretch. But for the general public? Absolutely criminal, according to regulations from the fashion police. Time to call 911, and fast!

In case things get unsanitary, or just boring, this dress is ready for the mess. It is the perfect choice for doctors, nurses, and janitors alike. Anyone who appreciates a good barrier, really. Guests may chatter, but they will appreciate this sanitary decision at some level. It's a germy world out there, and it's not getting any cleaner!

Dribbling On Up

Now that's a 76ers loyalist! It takes a very special woman to get married in her team's colors, and she's officially been found. This bride featured the logo itself right on the front of her dress! Is her fiance a fan, too?

Hopefully yes, or this outfit is going to be pretty confusing! Shocking dedication like this must give the groom plenty of confidence, though. If this sports viewer is willing to go this far for a roster that changes over and over, she's got a lot of patience. That sounds like a winning recipe for a martial slam dunk!

Under The Sea

Ruffles may have their bad moments, but this is not one of them. Made to look like the foam of the waves breaking on the shore, everyone can agree this is a fantastic concept dress!

The bare feet are a nice touch, for photo purposes. But unless the wedding really does take place in the sand or the sea, shoes are a must! Or are they? Many may conclude the bride was a mermaid before — and she may still be now, who knows?

This One Takes The Cake

Some brides can't handle waiting for the wedding vows and want to get straight to dessert. Most resist, of course. But here, it looks like a delicious compromise has been found!

Wearing an oversized dress that glues you to the floor is no way to dance, but it is an efficient way to eat your outfit. Specifically, if you can't go anywhere, you will be forced to eat your way out of the dress. But is that really the worst that could happen on the big day? It's been all about the buttercream all along, baby!

Pooch Party

Fashion taste is hard to pin down, and animal ethics vary. Audiences will probably be divided on this one. But many on both sides of the aisle will call these outfits animal cruelty!

What is going on with that skunk wig, first and foremost? Dressing dogs should be a social crime unless it's actually stylish. Do these tiny little wedding outfits improve their furry lives? Are they even really getting married? It's all doggy doo doo, we say. A fluffy farce!

Midnight Madness

No batteries or wires are needed for this one, it's a glow-in-the-dark wedding dress! Why hasn't anyone thought of this idea before now? Every bride wants to get her glow on, after all.

Literal glow never seemed like an option before, though! Now that this idea has entered the internet world, there are bound to be a few copycats. But who's complaining about it? The world might be a better place if everyone focused on design in the dark. World peace, let's give it a shot!

Missing Every Mark

This dress seems like it had some potential in the design studio. Could have been couture, if done right! In another reality, maybe that happened. But today, it's clear the fitting never happened, and the seamstress was crazy!

With no defined lines or contour, this is a complete mess of a dress. Nothing seems to redeem the garment, sadly! The concept of contrasting roses with silk has failed, as the shoulder poof distracts the eye. Overall: Zero stars. Dishrag designation, really!

Flower Girl

Emma Myles got married the week after the series finale of Orange is the New Black, a dating finale of epic proportions. Fiance Darcy Cadman was her beau for five years, and they decided to get married in the city where they met. Was the ceremony at Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm at Navy Pier everything she hoped?

The actress explained: "We had sunflowers and bees and butterflies and an insane sunset and the most beautiful views of the city. I still can’t believe this place exists in the city." And a dress to match the scene, it seems! Crazy couture, yes, please.

Glamour Me Not

Any girl who's dreamed of walking down the red carpet might take a look at this dress. And then, a quick look away! One designer has tried to combine the concept of a Hollywood premiere and a wedding, but it's not about to win any awards.

What seems most problematic outside of the hideous nature of the garment is the alcohol common at so many weddings. If people get too drunk, she could find guests literally walking all over her! That's no way to spend the most romantic day of one's life, now is it? Down with this design, before things get too boozy.

Better Safe Than Sorry

At least this bride has something unique to say, and it seems that is a message about planned pregnancies. Very few try to combine public health, sex ed, and nuptials these days. Does this tie into a shotgun wedding, by chance?

Possibly. But the bride might also just be incredibly thoughtful with her party favors! Let's face it, people make plenty of their own mistakes at wedding receptions behind the scenes. Making all the right supplies available never hurt anyone! Stop asking why people. The question is, why not?

What the Fluff?

The bride at this event actually looks pretty elegant, by American standards. Her entourage, however, is another story. What's up with all the fluff? And why so pink? So many questions, so many bridesmaids.

Wedding photos are meant to be memorable, but this is not what most people have in mind for the album. With so much poof, these participants barely fit in the shot. And the poor flower girls swallowed up in a ruffle! Will they escape, unharmed? Blink three times for help, ladies! The wedding will go on if it's truly meant to be.

Dancing In The Dark

Maybe the couple knew the venue would be poorly illuminated in a blackout. Or maybe it was a planned gimmick for the slow dance to surprise guests. Either way, this dress is lit! 

Maybe the planned after-party is a giant rave. With all the party-goers coming of age now, it's likely at least a few have decided on the value of vows. Stability has its good points, even for those accustomed to clubbing. And the wedding doesn't have to be so bad! It is a celebration, after all.

Vows With A View

They say love gives you wings. They also say Red Bull gives you wings. But in this case, the wedding dress is the source of those feathers! What in the cuckoo is going on here, desert bride?

Some might admire this artistic dress on a bronzed model, but does it really work in the real world? It certainly won't enable flight. And like so much couture, it doesn't always flatter the average person. Maybe it's best reserved for the bird watchers of the world. Yes, that is still a real hobby out there!

Look Into My Eye

Spikes all over, but far too short, this is not the most classic design. But the wedding gown is not the biggest problem this time. It is more concerning that the species of the bride is unclear!

No arms, either. And therefore, no sleeves! Guests must be simply terrified. The eye, why oh why? Maybe aliens have finally arrived. If that's the case, it's time to get used to new optical norms. One, two, three giant eyes. It's all on the table now, humans!

What You See Isn't What You Get

Why? To make sure you have a color matching the shoes? Did the seamstress run out of fabric at the last moment and there was nothing the bride could do?

Is it a tribute to the bride's character that is about to dramatically change after taking the vows? Sadly, we don't have a picture of the husband when he sees it.

Boo Peep

Well... There is not much to say in this picture other than the woman is marrying her sheep.

She probably loves it so much that she cut some of the hair off to feel closer to it on their special wedding day. I don't know how happy the hubby is knowing she sheered his mate for the dress.

Good Scents

Gotta hand it to this one, she does have a good sense of how to make the wedding smell so sweet like her future marriage.

Out of all the dresses, this one is close to a good kind of strange.

Wedding Bells, Batman Smells

A dress like a Christmas bush, falala-lala-lala-la-la. 'Tis the season! What is this thing, and why is it on display?

Perfect for a blackout theme or an actual natural disaster, this lucky bride will be well prepared. No voltage is needed when you are a self-generating orb of light in your own right! The question is, where can this unique gown be purchased for those who are now inspired? ACE Hardware? Home Depot? Worth a try for all that luminosity, ladies!

Concealment Number Two

I give to you concealment number two. The look on this woman's face shows discomfort.

Maybe she has a gas issue and had to use a huge dress to cover up the stench before her husband would run away. How is that dress going to fit through the door?

Who/What Are You?

I feel sorry for the poor hubby who meets this outfit at the altar. I'm not sure what mythical creatures are smashed together here.

I recognized a unicorn, a griffin, a Minotaur, and perhaps even a dragon. I know what's missing - the future wife who thought this is a dressing party and not her wedding.

Giving You Lemons

You know the saying... when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. That's exactly what I would have told her husband-to-be.

Do everything as if it was something you COULD look at. Just close your eyes.


Although it could be smart to have many hands and tentacles to do everything at your wedding, this dress is just disgusting.

I'm not a big fan of octopus either.

Straight Out of Broadway

Broadway costumes are awesome. The women who wear them dance, jump, hop, skip and sing are inspiring. But this is taking it a little too far. Remember, it's your wedding night.

There will be singing, there will be dancing, and a lot of joy and laughter. All this doesn't make it the cabaret.

Ramen Noodle Brain

Although it isn't clear whether the dress is made out of Ramen Noodle packages, one could say this woman's brain is wired to all noodles and things of that nature.

I like the idea of using your wedding as a place to make a statement, but this isn't what I had in mind.


Usually, at the wedding, the bride wants to also give her face and beautiful makeup some attention. But this dress takes away from anyone looking at the bride’s face.

I mean, there is already a giant face taking up the entire dress! Maybe it is meant to be an expression of art, but to me, it seems this belongs in an art gallery rather than on a bride!

Party Favors

Well, it seems to be that the wedding is designed for men, and the more balloons they pop bring out the party favor: A half-naked, gorgeous bride.

Or, in this case, the popping of the balloons can be a genius way to freak out the in-laws till they run off screaming from the awful noises. On the other hand, popping all those balloons looks like a fun way to consummate the marriage.

Robo Bride

It is like this bride has taken a trip to the very distant future in the robot styles metallic dress. I am not sure you can even call it a gown with the futuristic design and the tight choker.

Let’s not even get started on that veil that is very reminiscent of a nun!


Gotta hand it to this bride too, she really does pull off the artsy look for her matrimony with Picasso.

I like the dual purpose, a wedding dress combined with a nightgown.

Take My Breath Away

If it's possible to survive this much pink, one man is about to test the limits. Drowning in his beloved's ruffles, he isn't showing any outward signs of panic. But as experts say, that can be a sign of danger in itself. Someone check on the groom, and quick!

Maybe the bride can get the attention of the medics by waving that sparkly wand. It's eye-catching, and it's time to tap into its power. Should he survive, there's a lot on the schedule: Bippity boppity boo, it's time to say I do!


This dress must be worn only after charging yourself with static electricity.

Just hope those strings don't get stuck in a fan or a car door.

Have A Cupper

Yes, we saw something similar before, but technology advances. A good idea gets developed and upgraded like this "take a drink" dress.

We're not sure what the groom has on, but hey.. he was never the important party at a wedding.

Hide Forest, Hide!

When your partner is trying to miss the big day by "going hunting with the boys" and forgetting to return... this is what you need to have on.

Now just get the priest to get on his own camo and... on to the woods!


We're sure this dress isn't made of paper, but the folding theme it has going on is mesmerizing.

People won't be able to stop looking at your legs if they could find them...

Red (Like Your Future!)

A groom seeing this dress on his wedding day might have his fight-or-flight instinct wake up.

So if you plan on wearing this strong red, try to get your groom to do something out of the box as well.

Married With A Conscience

Why spend thousands on a wedding dress, when you can combine your happiest day with your beliefs?

Get this recycled wedding dress, made out of Coke cans. You can dispose of it as you leave the church.

Part Of A Rainbow

We believe that all colors of the rainbow should be represented at a marriage, but hey eggplant is close enough.

This dress looks like you couldn't decide if you wanted pink or purple.

Hot Indian Red

We strongly believe in intercultural marriage (we think).

So taking this body-shaped dress and designing it Eastern style can turn heads all the way to the altar (Eastern, as in the area of the planet and not in the US).

Human Cake

Remember those doll-shaped cakes you got for your sweet 16th birthday?

This dress must be a nostalgic reference to all those women who got stuck with that cake as part of their wedding daydream.


This time we take a look at nature and how it connects to humans on their special day. How are you and the plants? Are you ok with this mixed seasonal wedding dress?

Let's hope that your betrothed doesn't do like a tree and leave.

The Rack

Everyone is going to look at your dress, and how it sits on your body. This woman decided that on her wedding day, no one is going to miss her face and look at her breasts.

The outcome does the exact opposite. You really can't take your eyes off that rack cover.

I'm Gonna Swing From the Chandelier

If this bride is a mega Sia fan, then the dress is a smart idea in the theatrical wedding world. Think of it as a tribute to the classic "Chandelier".

If not, then she is one strange character of a bride. I love the hat though, it really has a saying. NOT!

What A Pooch!

I'm not sure of the creature next to her is hers, or her inspiration.

Now I'm as open-minded as the next person, and even though I'm not exactly sure if what she's wearing is really a dress, the animal really steals the show. Maybe, that's actually the husband?

He Called Me The White Rose

"...and I liked it so much, I made it my wedding dress theme!" If there was a dress here that didn't compliment the person who was wearing it - it's this one, and it's not the bride's looks, it's the dress.

Where were all her friends to tell her that it was such an awful choice?

Delusional Delusions

Is this bride delusional? Or did she simply think that she could pull off a dress this ugly? Multicolors can be pulled off if done the right way, but this is just a no-go.

We'll give her the credit for trying in front of everyone.

Body Paint

Why be so primitive? Why go for a real dress when you can be so creative and original and just paint your wedding gown directly on your body?

You get a one-of-a-kind design and guests will probably talk about it forever. Even so, that too-too dress will never fly.

A View To Kill

Stick up for the second amendment and the American way! There really is no other reason to wear jungle camouflage for a wedding dress.

Unless part of the entertainment is paintball of hunting. On the upside, when she or her new hubby gets too drunk, no one will be able to see them. Perhaps that's the whole point.


Some men think that when they get married, Christmas is going to come early, at least for a while.

This bride really tried to prove her new hubby right – by wearing antlers on her head. Then again, I may be mistaken and this dress is actually a homage to Elves.

Playboy Bunny

Costume parties are a great excuse to dress up a little slutty and enjoy the boys' drooling looks. Wearing bunny ears is always a good touch if that's where you're aiming.

But putting bunny ears on your wedding dress? It may be giving off the wrong message, even if you want to ensure everyone knows how lucky he is.

All Hands On Deck

Weddings are dramatic and flashy affairs in every culture. One assumes that the more effort put into the wedding, the happier the couple is.

So when you see that a woman can harness her entire village to help her carry her wedding dress, you wonder if this is something that everyone signed up for when they RSVPed.


Way back when in Junior high, everyone had a piece of cardboard with their classmates' autographs on it.

It was something you did at a class party, it was cool for a while and then you grew up. So why would you choose to have every wedding guest sign your wedding dress?

Class From The Past

Listen Boo, this look was classy maybe two centuries ago, but there is a good reason why women don't wear this look anymore.

There are great ways to go retro and still be a part of the 21st century Get with the program!

The Queen Of Hearts

Wow. Talk about a dramatic entrance! I'll bet her first order of business after she wore that dress was to shout "Off with his head!" and in this Queen of Hearts outfit, someone would hop to and do as their told!

Eclecticism is nice when done with taste. This dress just took all the accented features in style in the past 200 years and mashed them together.

Yoko Ono Inspired

If you really wanted to do a hippie, Yoko Ono-inspired wedding, why not design your look after her without the huge, ratchet flower pots on everyone's heads?

I'm sure her bridesmaids will have their revenge when their time comes.

Out Of This World

You really have to be some kind of alien to wear this dress. The flowers are nice, and can actually grow on you.

It's the headpiece that steals all the thunder and focus. Is it a cage? Is it an unfinished structure? It looks very uncomfortable, silly and pointless.

Little Bo Peep

We are talking bows on bows on bows, this rather wacky wedding gown looks half done with the pieces of material falling from it.

And it is clear there is some serious bow obsession going on with this designer. Boys on her head to bows on her feet. Still, there is something quite endearing about this flowery dress!

All On Display

Usually, a wedding dress is meant to be a little more modest with the lingerie underneath for later in the night, but this wedding gown (if you can call it that) clearly defines the norms and leaves very little to the imagination.

I am not sure how any man would feel if he saw his wife strutting down the aisle in this getup!

The Adams Family

We hope that on your wedding day you will go through it while being alive, right?

You could get yourself a dead-colored dress, but we're not sure about what message that sends out.

Knights Templar

If you're part of that old order, this dress is for you. A beautiful design for a beautiful crusader.

We hope your husband-to-be will be arriving in full armor and on a horse.

Orange Is The New white

What can I say, I don't know what I find worse, the Orange suited hubby who sets a very low bar, or the dress that follows suit.

Straight men aren't the best dressers in the world, nor are men the most mature creature on earth. It's up to the new bride to set the standards and enforce them, sister. Go Girl Power!

Diaper Anyone?

To be a mother is a wonderful thing, but your wedding day is not the time to be dressed from head to toe in what clearly looks like diapers!

Everything about this dress is wrong, it is almost comical. Let's just hope they were all clean.

Self Love At Its Finest

It seems to me that learning to love yourself can come in any form, even marrying all of you.

If there is a lesson to learn here - no one can love you until you truly love yourself.

Bridezilla On The Loose

Someone needs to call the police because Bridezilla is on the loose and she is going to eat every man who has ever broken her heart.

Someone, please call 911...

And Then There Is Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian family isn't known for its excellent taste, not for its desire to steer away from the limelight. So when Kim got married you shouldn't have expected anything other than a conversation piece for a dress.

Note the flowers on her torso…True, it isn't as horrific as other dresses here, it just makes her look like a robot with greenwash awareness.

Fiona Inspired

Couldn't this woman save the costume for a Cosplay Convention rather than walking down the aisle as an ogre?

Or is true love's kiss going to melt off the makeup? The fact that you CAN, doesn't mean you have to.