Grand Canyon Sees A New Glamping Hotel Open Up

Today, the idea of going ‘glamping’ has become very popular indeed. The ability to enjoy these preset camping areas where you basically get to enjoy the glow and charm of nature is highly satisfying. When you add in a stunning natural venue like the Grand Canyon, too, it becomes a no-brainer to go glamping. So, the opening of a new glamping hotel – complete with skylights – in the area has gone down a real treat.

Photo: Jenn Wood/Unsplash

This new hotel, called the Backland Resort, is gaining rave reviews from across the glamping industry. It comes with all of the additional amenities that you would need to enjoy the glamping experience without taking away from the essence of it all. With this, you will enjoy everything from heating and air conditioning to showers, laundry systems, and even a local restaurant that you can enjoy.

However, this does not ruin or cheapen the glamping experience. You still get to enjoy a grandiose stay, and you are still connected to the outdoors and nature in a way that feels welcoming and enjoyable. This is the ideal opportunity for anyone who enjoys the outdoors but isn’t quite as keen on the reality of going camping.

Photo: CHUTTERSNAP/Unsplash

What makes Backland Resorts so interesting?

Based in Williams, AZ, this wonderful 160-acre landscape is the perfect place to come for a bit of relaxation. It gives you a stunning look at mountains, forests, and plains all around you. It is authentic, it is engaging, and it feels quite natural to spend your time here. You can enjoy your time in a gorgeous tent cabin that comes with everything we mentioned above as well as stunning king-sized beds.

They are luxurious and stylish, and they are designed to be a good choice for those who want to see the stars without any distractions. Williams is a popular starting point for those who want to go camping, but with this hotel, you get to enjoy all of the benefits of camping without any of the negatives.

Throw in the awesome lobby and restaurant, too, and families of up to six could each come and rent a tent, enjoy time together, and then spend some time mingling with other glampers. The whole thing in general has become very exciting, and the addition of 16ft skylights in each tent means that you can look up and see the stars from the privacy of your rented glamping tent.

Glamping has blown up as an activity, and it is without doubt down to the awesome work put in by glamping hotels. If you want to experience amenities and leisure without losing out on the essence of glamping, The Backland Resorts might be worth your time and consideration.