Harry and Meghan want Apology from Royal Family

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan have set their sights on meeting key members of the British royal family. That should take place just before King Charles' coronation in May, writes The Sunday Times. The couple also wants the family to apologize.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are said to be hoping for some sort of reconciliation at the family meeting. They want the palace, in a conversation, to "take responsibility for the pain and damage" they have suffered in recent years.

On Friday, the British court made apologies to a black woman who had been asked at a reception by a court lady where she was "originally" from. The woman said she was born in Britain and felt she had been treated racially.

Harry and Meghan feel they deserve a similar apology from the British royal family. They previously stated that there were "concerns" within the British royal family about the skin color of their child.

The couple made a number of sensitive statements in their documentary series on Netflix. For example, they claimed that stories were deliberately brought out and that they were never protected by the palace. Buckingham Palace so far refused to comment.

British media previously wrote that King Charles and Prince William remain silent to remain a "united front" as a family. The Telegraph reported Saturday that despite everything, Harry and Meghan will simply be invited to Charles' coronation.