Kevin Hart Set to Open a Plant-Based Fast-Food Restaurant in America

Over the last decade or two, the rise of plant-based diets has become a common talking point. People in the world of celebrities, everyone from actors to sports stars, are espousing the benefits of a plant-based diet. So, too, are many medical experts. However, if you want a quick bite to eat, you are often left with fast food options that are very much not plant-based. This means relying on food that you might not want to eat, or want to stop eating – well, Kevin Hart has your back!

Hart House is going to be launched soon shortly, and it will provide a plant-based fast food outlet that you can come and visit. It will be packed with interesting food made using plants, and the doors first opened in late August 2022. It has already been quite a success, with the first restaurant, based in Los Angeles, seeing some good numbers and some pretty decent reviews overall.

Hart has come along to get involved in this kind of restaurant – which sells everything from plant-based fries and sandwiches to milkshakes and more – and offers something a bit more ethical than the usual fast food outlets. The Ride Along star has also gotten Mike Salem, a culinary innovation expert from Burger King, involved in the project. The result is a really interesting range of enjoyable foods that taste nice, are made quickly, and do not break the bank to eat.

For people who are looking for a high-quality fast food product that isn’t made from cut and thrust ingredients, then, Hart House might be the place to go and visit. He intends for this to become the first major national-wide plant-based fast food outlet. So, you might not have to travel to LA to try one out in the near future – for now, though, there is only one store to come and try.

Other locations will be joining the Hart House family soon, though. So, if you want to enjoy some fast food staples without having to eat meat, Mr. Hart might have you covered. Keep an eye out for more of these restaurants as they pop up across America – and who knows where else?