All Bark And No Bite: Former Police Dog Smells Something Off About Tree

By Michael Goldstein

Kyle is a German Shepherd who comes from a lineage of police dogs. After serving in the police for 10 years, he was retired, adopted, and moved to a countryside home. Still, Kyle missed his former partner John, with whom he had formed a strong bond.

Sometime after his big life change, something unusual happened to Kyle, as one day he tracked down something peculiar and disturbing in one of the most unexpected places: a tree.


While out roaming with his new owner Thomas, Kyle’s brought his nose to the ground, and then he began to dig. After completing his investigation, the dedicated dog refused to move from his position. This was the first time Thomas, had seen him do anything like this. 

Thomas decided to take a peek inside the tree Kyle had been digging at, and what he saw sent tremors through his body. What was Kyle tracking down? What was inside the tree that shook Thomas to his core? Before we get to that, let us introduce Kyle, his owner, and the fascinating background story that led to this situation.