WB Put 1978’s ‘Superman’ NFT On Sale

Warner Bros. has come up with a novel approach to offer fans a digital copy of the beloved 1978 Superman movie starring Christopher Reeve: through the use of NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

One of the driving factors behind this move by Warner Bros. (and potentially other studios in the future) is the declining sales of physical media. To facilitate this initiative, the company has teamed up with a blockchain platform called Eluvio. Unlike traditional blockchain systems that employ proof-of-work verification, Eluvio employs a proof-of-authority verification method. While this approach reduces resource consumption, it does sacrifice some aspects of decentralization. However, in the context of this particular format, decentralization is not a significant concern.

Warner Bros. has decided to release the 1978 Superman movie directed by Richard Donner in a unique way. Instead of simply offering a digital copy, the studio is providing fans with several different options through NFTs. Each NFT version will come with its own set of benefits. The "Standard Edition" priced at $30 includes an interactive location-based navigation menu, the theatrical version of Superman: The Movie, previously released special features, and an image gallery containing stills and behind-the-scenes photos. On the other hand, the "Premium Edition" priced at $100 offers three separate variations that can be purchased individually—Truth, Justice, and Hope—each showcasing an illustration of Christopher Reeve's Superman by one of three DC artists: Ivan Reiss, Ben Oliver, or Bill Sienkiewicz. Additionally, the Premium Edition includes an interactive and explorable location-based navigation menu and three versions of the feature film: the theatrical version, the expanded director's cut, and the extended TV edition of Superman: The Movie.

For those interested, more details can be found at the provided link. The NFTs will be available for purchase starting June 9, with early access granted on the preceding day.