The Most Popular Dining Spots of the Celebs

If you like to live your life in the shadow of the celebrities of this world, then you might want to add some dining places to your list of eateries. Some of the following places are the kind of venues where you will find celebrities eating. Just try and avoid going up to annoy them for a photo when they are having a cup of coffee or a bite to eat, please!

White Plains

White Plains has been home to people as diverse as Mariah Carey hanging around. You will see many people across the majority of New York, but it is most common to find them in places like White Plains. New York is a big city though so you could probably go into just about any restaurant and have a decent chance of seeing someone who you might know around the place – even if they are a minor celebrity!

Jon and Vinny’s

A very popular stopping point in the City of Angels itself is Jon and Vinny’s. If you visit here you are pretty likely to see some big-name faces in this Italian restaurant. Yes, you might bump into the Kardashians if you come here; this is known to be a regular haunt of this. You might bump into some other lower-profile celebrities, too, but this Italian restaurant is famous for its higher class of celebrity attendants.

Catch LA

Another LA venue to check out would be Catch LA. This restaurant has played host to plenty of big-name celebrities in the past. You can find that you just need to pick the right day, and you could bump into just about any kind of big name. From social media legends and influencers to people working on the next big movie, you can find that Catch LA is a good place to stop in – of course, the food isn’t bad either!