The US Space Force Could Be In A Legal Fight With Netflix

The US Space Force was launched in 2018 and since then has faced many battles but not from outer space.

They experienced several battles with Twitter after their uniforms were mocked for being copied even though it looks just like any other space uniform. Space Force got into several fights on Twitter arguing with a branch of the US Military.

One strange situation, we got into a Twitter argument with the US Military. It could have become a sensitive situation if the military were willing to argue with various Twitter accounts. On top of that, their hands might be full of another battle with Netflix and their show Space Force.

Fast forward, the US Military has dragged their feet copyrighting their name leaving it open for dispute. The show mocks the military branch which is not being taken lightly. It seems the show Space Force has taken their responsibility for trademarking more seriously than the US Government for securing their trademark rights in Mexico, Europe, Australia, and several other countries.

Even though the US Military branch of Space Force has a pending registration in the US, it could have some legal issues if Space Force started selling Space Force merchandise. This could get messy which is why we tell people it’s so important to get your trademark as quickly as possible.

All said it’s highly unlikely that the US Military will sue Netflix and its series. Nothing can be ruled out since Trump is willing to sue or threaten to sue a list of companies including CNN to its campaign manager. It seems they have trademarked it around the world. IP attorney Jennifer Ko Craft, at Dickinson Wright, told Hollywood Reporter that Netflix had positioned themselves in a really good position should anything happen. She called this a “brilliant move”.

A Spokesperson from the Air Force contacted the Hollywood Reporter, reassuring they are not looking for any more battles that are not literally in space. We wish Netflix and the show’s producers the best in their depiction of the country’s newest branch of the military.