These Are The Most Popular US Cities for Non-Nationals to Visit

If you are looking for a reason to come to America, you might want to visit cities that do not feel so domestically based. While every American city will naturally have more Americans than anything else, some cities feel a bit more foreigner-friendly. With that in mind, here are some of the best cities to come and visit in the USA if you are looking for places to visit.

New York City

Built on immigration, New York is a city that you should make the time to come and visit regardless of your background. It is a city that is a real melting pot of personalities and backgrounds. You can find something to do here no matter what you enjoy. NYC is among the most diverse and unique cities in the world, and it is also quite a friendly place if you stick to the main city.

San Francisco

Of course, a trip to California should be in order if you want to enjoy the amazing sunshine of the US West Coast. San Francisco is the kind of easy-going city that feels easy to spend some time in. From its gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge to the various landmarks around the city that make up its unique skyline, to the almost perpetual sunshine, there is much to love about a trip to this part of America’s Western side.


One of the best cities to visit, though, would be Seattle. Seattle is one of the most welcoming and friendly cities in the entire USA. It is also one of the fastest growing and among the most diverse, so this is a real win-win for everyone. The picturesque nature of the setting makes Seattle a fantastic place to come and visit. While it might not be the warmest – Seattle is famous for its rain – the people certainly add an extra warm to proceedings.


If you want to visit a more geographically stunning part of America, then a few cities are more friendly than Denver. It is also home to a wide and diverse population, so regardless of your background or culture you should be able to find someone from where you hail here. If you like sports, too, you should go and watch their NBA team, the Denver Nuggets: Serbian star Nikola Jokic, they have arguably the best non-American in the league.