Why Meditation Doesn't Work for Everyone

Can't seem to get into meditating, even though you've tried time and again? This could be the reason why!

In general, meditation is often used as a tool to unwind. You now have many Apps that take you into the world of meditation as a beginner. You then listen to a voice guiding you through the meditation. Meditation works just like exercise, so it is not at all surprising if you do not master this skill right away. However, meditation may somehow not work for you. If you feel that the latter is the case, science tells us there is an explanation.

If you suffer from certain chronic mental illnesses, then meditation may not work for you and thus does not provide peace of mind. For example, consider people who suffer from intense anxiety, depression, trauma, and psychosis. The idea of meditation is to turn inward, but if your inner world is a large disorganized orchestra, you will not find peace. As a result, your existing symptoms will be worsened by meditation. What you could do, however, is to look for simple tasks where you can (partially) find peace. Consider, for example, emptying the dishwasher or folding laundry. In your case, it helps much more to experience small moments of rest and extend them.